Jurassic Yoga

One of the things I love to do is search for original and amazing places to organize events. Here is the story of 3 events that took place in August and September in a very special place...

Besides the fact that I keep searching for gorgeous sportswear to make us feel special, I also organize unique events.

I began in August with two Yoga sessions in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, led by two awsome Yoga teachers, Olivia and Ramona.
It was really great! All the participants were so excited and impatient to get started!

I had asked them where they wanted to go.

The first group was unanimous: next to the T-Rex! 

The second group chose a spot near the Iguanodons!

It was so extraordinary to feel that connection with the past and feel the power of that grandiose Museum!

The only issue was that we were there during opening hours and it was quite busy... Holiday period + bad weather those days = crounded Museum!! :-)

So I talked to my contact at the Museum to see if we could have another session when the Museum was closed to the public. And she said YES!

What an experience... Waw... The first two sessions were already so great, but that third session in September was everything I had dreamed of!!!

40 Yoginis in the dinosaurs' gallery, with no other sound than the voice of the teacher (oh yeah, and the "nature sounds" programmed by the Museum... because it only stops when they turn off the lights ;-))

What I felt at that moment was so unreal! I was so happy and proud of the result of those long hours of work. I just loved it and wanted to share that with you!

Would you like to see a little video of that unique session?

I also made photo albums of the first, the second, and the third edition.

Some participants even posted pictures on their Instagram accounts to share that experience!

I sure hope to be doing this again soon, also in other Museums!

I already have ideas, but I'm curious... In what Museum(s) would YOU like to do a Yoga session?? Or assist to a well-being event??
Simply comment below if you have a special place in mind!

Take good care & see you soon!


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